Butterfly Swarm Servitor

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Having the appearance of 45 small multi colored blue, gold, green, and orange butterflies this servitor has the unique ability to split itself into these pieces but can retain a complete humanistic form. In this form he has long silver hair, gold eyes and tan skin. His frame is tall around 6'4 and athletic. His ears point out a bit like a elf but are shorter in length. The reason why I created the servitor is to help with anxiety. Granted, he will not be a cure-all sort of creature but he can help to take the edge off. He has a very pleasant soft way of speaking though his pitch is medium in tone. His nature is incredibly calm and warm, the type to listen to you and console. I do recommend that you have some form of communication in mind be it through telepathy or through another means like clairsentience, tarot, pendulum or oracles. He can also help to raise one's vibration through the toning down of negative Energies and helping to slow down a overexerted thought process. This does not mean that you can't put forth effort as well because you definitely should. But he will give you a helping hand to overcome your fears and emotions. In his multiple butterfly form he will cloak you from upcoming attacks and upcoming hexes that can be sent your way. If you would like for him to remain in one appearance or the other all you have to do is ask him.



Name will be given after purchase. After a order is placed please let me know your preference of vessel as well as your full name and birthdate.