1 Month Goddesses of The Heart Cleanse Sexual Passion

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We all have had wounds from the past. Love and relationships play a big part in what causes blockages in the heart chakra and stagnant energy that keeps us from properly loving again. This cleanse will help to ease some of the pain that has been kept and find renewed sense of what it means to love by healing the heart chakra. This cleanse is very specific and only works with romantic conditions that have hurt us emotionally. It does not however manipulate relationships or romantic intrest. Goddesses of love from many pantheons are evoked along with rituals each night of the cleanse. This one will last exactly 1 month. Feelings of warmth in the heart, emotions of sadness, memories and dreams of past lovers may occur.

Know that the level of what you feel all depends on your level of psychic sense. This is something you must continue to work on yourself.

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