Custom Astral Land

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Astral lands are environments created just for you and your keep to spend time together and have a safe place to hang out or meditate. You may invite other entities but if they have negative intentions they will not be able to come in. This land can be as big or small as you like depending on what option you choose. The esthetic can potentially be anything no matter how eccentric. For example a small piece of land can inhabit a cottage with a woodland forest to explore, a sky that always has a lavender hue and a talking moon that chants sacred vibrational tones, or a floating island in the cosmos containing a castle made of sweets. Don't be afraid to be specific with what exactly you want. There are a few rules that I do have though before you order and that is I will not create spaces that will be used to harm either those in your family or others for sadistic reasons even with kink play, no chaotic or hell based worlds, no entrapments of any kind to confine entities and finally keep your request within reason becuase I am only one person. The time it takes to make these will vary from 4 weeks to 2 months becuase the bigger the space is the longer the process needs. You can always add other placements to your world yourself after it is complete.

Option 1 astral space is around the size of a plot of land that is 2 acres in width. Enough to hold a home temple or whatever you see fit that is relatively small providing a cozy atmosphere.

Option 2 is big enough to hold a town's worth of wondering creatures and the necessity within it.

Option 3 being the proportional rate of a kingdom is vast with broad areas to explore.