Phantasos Nightmare Familar

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Great lord phantasos is the god of surreal dreams which can lead to prophecy, symbolic dreams and nightmares. What comes about is what is involved in our own awareness and he merely helps us to see these things through the cycles of sleep and dreaming. This entity is a familiar from him to you but only if there is a true calling. Before purchasing this listing think carefully about whether or not this is your calling and if you are someone who he is reaching out to. This being looks to be a man with a tall dark figure cloaked in mystery. It is fairly easy to see his features but there always seems to be a dark Haze. He has a athletically structured build with long black hair dark eyes and fair skin. It is covered with this black like smoke. His personality is not very chatty but he will be helpful in making you aware of what you need to know. He will often either stand in the room as you slumber or enter your dreams directly manipulating them.



After purchase please provide your name and birth date along with a photo of the vessel used for this conjure.