Psy Elder Vampire

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A Elder of her clan. She is a very into human activities which is typically not usual for those of her kind. The level that she wants to be a part of the human world out of sheer festination is quite special. Her sexual orientation is bi so she would be just fine with a male or female human companion and would be more than open to a romantic relationship but can be happy with a friendship as well. She can share with you the gift of mediumship, shadownancy and Shadow manipulation as well as dark and sex magic and telekinesis and clairvoyance. All of these will still take time and effort to develop but you will see an improvement in a quicker rate. There are several clan members under her command. That being said, they might not all come around you at the same time but eventually some will. You can get to know them if you like but their names and appearance will not be given with the description as this is about the vampire in this listing. She has a slim build and is average in height with fair skin, long blonde hair and brown eyes. She is self assured, confident, charming and witty. She carries herself extremely well and can carry a conversation with ease. She can also be doting when she feels like it. 



Name will be given after purchase. Afterwards please email about your desired vessel. Must be one that you already own.